Good morning, I am Daniela and I always take care of all hospitality (the staff, the rooms – setting up,
furnishing, management -, the breakfast, the aesthetic of the green area, but especially, my commitment
has always been to ensure the well-being of the guests during their stay.
Now this is no longer enough: from February 2020 I closed AGUGLIA to all reservations because I
realized that, in addition to ensuring the well-being of the guest, it is also necessary to protect his
health and safety during the stay together with the one of my staff and my family
I would like considering together the strengths that AGUGLIA Estate has with respect to CORONAVIRUS:
1. Very few rooms
– all at the ground floor
– all with entrance/direct access to the outside
-all with front outdoor space furnished with tables and chairs
– all with telephone intercommunicating both with the other rooms
(in case you stay in thehotel with other friends) and with the staff and  the Bar/local kitchen
2. The AGUGLIA estate is placed in an area of 20 hectares, where
one can walk freely without have any contact with other people or guests
3. The large outdoor spaces (terrace-gardens-parking-solarium) do not require to follow
obligatory paths and allow you to spend even a whole stay without interacting with other guests
present at AGUGLIA, for who prefers to stay isolated as mush as possible
4. The managerial policies of AGUGLIA Estate: do not accept daily guests, neither in
swimming pool nor in any area inside the Estate, that is you can stay having the confidence
not to find yourself in the AGUGLIA country hotel more people than how
many 7 rooms can have (when we are at full)…
5. Our team is primarly made of  the owners, Daniela and Renato, who live in the Estate
and interact with the outside world as little as possible from the very beginning of the
pandemic and, however, they are always aware of COVID 19 risks by wearing personal
protective equipment and adopting behavioral procedures of safety

I reintroduce myself again, I am Daniela, I am a construction engineer, but AGUGLIA is my “hobby and big love”, and I have to think about how to avoid the Coronavirus contagion inside the AGUGLIA Estate and how to prevent its spread I tried to look at what could be the possible vehicles and sources of contagion which might be in AGUGLIA and then reorganize our “Modus Operandi” to counter them with the only few means we have at disposal. Below I propose a short list.

A possible vehicle and source of contagion:
1. the guests present at the same time in the property
(contact with any contaminated surfaces, the closeness of other guests)
Enforcement action -indicative but not exhaustive list:
-We will look for minimize meetings between guests. The breakfast will no longer be
buffet, but will be served at the table outside every single room, or in the room.
This will limit the food available to guests, but also the contagion because they will be sure
that the remaining food will be trashed and the supplies will not be promiscuous.
Please, we ask guests :
– to choose by 4 p.m. what they would like on their table at breakfast the next day, so we will be
able to buy every things required and to try to please the guest every morning
– be patient if the breakfast table is not promptly cleaned , but in late morning only, This is
essential in order not to allow supplies touched by some guests to come into contact with the
food and supplies that are at the same time being  prepared in the kitchen to set up the breakfasts of
other guests
A possible vehicle and source of contagion
2. The service staff (someone comes to AGUGLIA every day, but lives outside the Estate, and in his
free time they can have contacts with infected people)
Enforcement action:
– to cut the service staff to the minimum necessary to reduce the risk of contagion
Please, we ask guests :
– to be patient, any optional service required will be carry out but longer times, because
inevitably the reduction of service staff will also reduce the service available to the guest
while the times necessary for the execution of the essential and/or required services will
increase (e.g.: we will ask guest to do the opening and the closing of the sun bed and to use the same sun bed for
whole stay and to consider not this request a disservice, but a precaution so that our service team do not
contact an infection surface in a short time and to infect another during the next work actions)
– to communicate with our team for orders to the Bar/kitchen, as much as possible, by
the phone that is in every room, to minimize meetings
and maintain interpersonal safety distances
A possible vehicle and source of contagion
3. The same guest when he goes to other crowded places outside the AGUGLIA Estate to have
dinner and/or Lunch (in Aguglia there is not restaurant)
Enforcement action:
– to have enough services on site to minimize the displacement of the guest and the sharing of
– we will, in the best way, make available the dinner service/ tasting menu , also if the last news is that in
Palazzolo Acreide town all the restaurants will have public large spaces outside to set the tables
– we have a boat at Lido di Avola for who prefers to enjoy the sea exclusively, without contacts
with strangers, the guest can book it as one of our extra and my husband, Mr. Renato the
skipper, will be happy to show them natural inlets and an unpolluted wonderful sea
Please, we ask guests :
– to book the dinner/tasting service at the same time of the booking of the stay so we can
be ready and organized for a set menu that will be our care to prepare with food of
best quality
– to take note that the timetable of the service is predetermined and respect it, understanding that the forced reduction of tour Staff by Coronavirus is leading
to an increase in work for the present Staff
-to understand the boat service depends on weather, wind, sea
therefore the itinerary
will be agreed with Mr. Renato daily.
For the opening I have studied a new working process, but it is new as new is the epidemic
caused by Coronavirus, so it will be monitored
continuously to be modified, if needed, based on the
new elements and risk situations that may arise, for example by the presence of new guests
and/or by their behavior (they could be unaware that their behavioral actions can be a source of
risk to both themselves and others) and also we, together our Staff, should adapt to this new
way to work ….
I do not list here all necessary actions to sanitize the rooms and the outside furniture (I am
assuming them avoiding a list of actions/products/procedures which are more than known), I
would like clarify here that a commitment to behavioural
cooperation should be established
between us owners, our service team and you dear guests,
so that AGUGLIA can continue to be
your oasis of peace
quiet and relaxation for a holiday lived more and more slowly
To be patient
To be calm
To stay in quiet for a very slow and soft holiday!!